Why Gold-filled Jewelry

Gold-filled Stays Golden

Our goal is to educate jewelry purchasers about the long-lasting qualities of 14kt gold-filled jewelry vs. gold-plated or electroplated pieces, and to offer very affordable prices. We urge you to shop around as you will likely discover that our prices are even lower than what you would pay elsewhere for lesser quality, gold-plated pieces. 

All of our jewelry pieces are crafted with 14kt gold-filled elements.

Gold-filled jewelry has many of the same properties of solid gold:

  • it looks the same
  • it is tarnish-resistant and does not discolour
  • it does not flake or rub off
  • it is best for people with sensitive skin
  • with proper care, it can last a lifetime

Don’t waste your money on gold-plated jewelry. A gold-plated item may look new and shiny when you buy it, but the thin layer of gold coating can quickly discolour and flake or rub off.  Gold-filled pieces contain significantly more real gold that is infused through a gold bonding process. 

Care Instructions:

Oils from our skin can make jewelry look darker or dull. You do need to clean your gold-filled pieces every so often. Gently clean with water and mild soap. You can use a very soft toothbrush to brush away oils and dirt. Use a soft cloth to dry your piece. Avoid exposing jewelry to lotions and perfumes. If using lotions and perfumes, make sure they are dry on your skin before wearing your jewelry.

It is ok to wear your jewelry in the shower as long as you don't allow soapy residue to build-up. Always rinse well after using soap, and dry well after your shower.

You will never regret choosing gold-filled jewelry. Orella's low prices provide long-lasting, elegant pieces and unmatched value.